In the Nièvre (department 58), along the D38, near the village Ste Marie, is the farm called Maubranche. It is approx. 40 km east of Nevers. The house is from 1876 and reflects the charm of old times. The occupants of the stables underline the rural atmosphere. And with a little luck you get a freshly laid egg for breakfast!

The Dutch hostess of this B&B can give you information about trips in these beautiful surroundings. The neighbourhood of Maubranche offers a variety of activities, for instance hiking, cycling or canoeing and one can also visit some historical sites.

Address: Maubranche, 58330 Sainte-Marie

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tel : +33 (0) 38 658 26 44



Things to do

Flee markets: every weekend you can visit a flee market in one of the villages nearby (brocante). Furthermore you can find general markets and monthly ones.

Boat trips on the Nivernais canal with lots of locks and underground tunnels. See Aqua Fluvial for more information.

Things to see there are castles (for instance the Chateau de Bazoches where the well known architect De Vauban lies buried). The famous city of Vézelay with the basil of Sainte Madeleine, where long ago the 2nd crusade began and which lies on the pilgrims route to Santiago de Compostella. Or Jailly with its 12th century Norman church. And the national park Le Morvan.



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